ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure
Sr.No. Description Number Remark
1 No.Computer Laboratories 02
2 Total Number Of Students In The KV 1370
3 No.Computer Available For Students 62
4 Students Computer Ratio 22:1
5 No.Of Computer In The Resource Room 01
6 No.Of Computer In The Library 02
7 No.Of Computer In The Staff Commom Room 01
8 No.Of Computer For Office Staff 02
9 Speed If Broadband Connection In The KV (It Should Be Not Less Than 2mbps) 2mbps
10 No.Of LCD Projector 20
11 No.Of TV 02
12 DVD Player 01
13 No. of Interarive Board, LCD Projector, Visualizer etc (Computer Lab, Bio LAb, Phy Lab, Chem. Lab, Junior Science Lab, Library, Resource Room, Activity Room, Class III-A, IV-A, V-A, VI-A, VII-A, VIII-A, IX-B, X-B, XI-B, XII-A, XII B, WE Room ) in each 20